Concerns over what constitutes good planning

DEAR EDITOR - Following on from recent stories regarding a take-away restaurant replacing a post office and an extension to a house, I have to question some of the other planning decisions made by the local council over the recent months.

First I have to ask what is happening on the land opposite The Crown Inn at Catshill. In the 10 years I have lived in Bromsgrove, development of this land has been rejected numerous times due to dangerous access.

What has changed now?

I do not recall seeing mention of this project either in the editorial or the classified sections of the Advertiser/Messenger.

The second decision that has to concern me is that the dairy, formerly Catshill's first school dating back to 1861, was allowed to be demolished, to allow yet more new houses to be built.

Surely efforts should have been made to keep this important building?

I have visited several converted properties recently (the Victorian Institute in Worcester and the old electricity station at Powick) and the combination of an historic and characterful building with quality fixtures and fittings is an attractive proposition.

Now Catshill has lost this building forever.

My final concern is how the approach to Bromsgrove down Rock Hill, has been blighted by a modern cottage that has appeared.

This cottage stands much taller than neighbouring properties and is set much further forward.

It affects a view of the town that has been little changed for over 100 years.

It is the responsibility of the planning authorities to ensure that this kind of situation does not arrive.

Why did they not in this case?

The problem with planning applications is that concerned parties rarely get the opportunity to properly examine them.

Office hours mean that I would have to take time off work.

The sooner all applications are available over the Internet the better for us all.