Balti Garden

Just for the record here's what I thought of the now long gone Balti Garden:-

Taste Level 6
Posh Factor 3
Licensed? Yes
Toilet Quality 4
Where is it!? 1 Worcester Road

I gave up on The Balti Garden about 5 years ago!  Was the food that bad?  No - the service.  You could go in, find yourself a table ('cos let's face it - no one was going to show you to one) and wait for 10 minutes just to get a menu.  Once you'd had your meal another long wait was almost always inevitable - this time to get the bill.  The hours of valuable drinking time I wasted in The Balti Garden...

Since trying it out again I'm glad to say things seem much better.  Despite the fact the staff and owner seem to have remained the same, the service has definately not.  Much better now I'm glad to report.  And since there never really was a problem with the food it makes the place well worth a visit.  I've enjoyed all the dishes I've tried since I started going there again.

It's licensed but thankfully the drinks are not overpriced.  In fact I think it's true to say that the prices are very fair.  The only fly in the ointment for me is that the cider is Woodpecker.  Well, at least it's not Cackthorn.

All in all, then, a good, bog standard balti house.  Nothing special but nothing to say against it either.