Mad Max

Very sadly, Max died after a short illness on Sunday December 7th 2008.  He was only 10 so it was a big shock.  I've left this page here as a memorial to a lovely cat and a true character.

No, not the film!  Our mad feline.  We've had Max since March 2000 and we wouldn't be without him.  OK, he does sometimes disappear for a while, he's been known to invite himself into the neighbours houses and he can be fond of using his claws and teeth.  But we still love him...

When we decided to get a cat it was obvious that we should get one from a cat rescue centre.  And due to the high number of black and black & white cats in the road we decided that a ginger tom would be a nice idea.

We visited several places in our quest and were impressed by all but the RSPCA at Barnes Hill, Weoley Castle.  It suffered from being an old building and seemed to lack the care and attention of the others.  The good ones were:-
The Blue Cross, Wildmoor Lane, Catshill
The Cats Protection League, Packhorse Lane, Bateman's Green
The New Cramer Cat Rescue Centre, Redditch Road, Hopwood

We got Max from the latter.  He'd only arrived the day before and we fell for him straight away.  Cramer have their own veterinary surgery and offer low cost treatments for all cats.  They neutered Max for us before we took him home.

Having both lost cats in the past (Claire's Rainbow and my Sooty) we do tend to worry a bit too much about Max.  But that makes us all the happier when we see him!

Hope you like the photo's.  Just click on the pictures to see him in all his ginger glory.